We did a little research to come up with some of the things you might not know about some of the biggest celebrities. Read on, and you'll know more than you ever knew before.

It all started with trying to find out what celebrities liked when it came to Halloween candy, and we wound up uncovering some cool facts that range from candy to all kinds of interesting facts about the New Jersey stars we love.

Let's take a look at some of those information nuggets right now...

Things You Might Not Know About New Jersey Celebrities

There are some facts you probably didn't know about some of the most famous singers to come out of the Garden State. It's not every day you can get cookies, outer space and Post It notes into the same story, but this is New Jersey, where anything is possible.

There are always plenty of lesser-known facts about New Jersey stars and we're going to bring you another edition of this fun fact-finding mission soon. Let us know which New Jersey stars you want us to dig up a little known fact about.

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