I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of New Jersey when I say breakfast is our favorite meal and if you don’t agree, then you haven’t been to a good Jersey diner.

But isn’t Jersey full of good diners? Yes! Which is why it’s so hard to choose where to get breakfast from.

Omega Diner - Google Earth
Omega Diner - Google Earth

Well, you don’t have to choose anymore because Food & Wine did it for us.

The website broke down the best breakfast spots in every state and they made a list for New Jersey.

But let’s not forget about the small coffee shops and bakeries that have amazing breakfast options as well.

See if you’ve ever been to these places and if you haven’t put them on your list.

Tops Diner – East Newark, NJ

Food & Wine says that despite the traffic and parking, Tops draws people from all over. You’ll need to get up bright (or dark) and early to beat the rush to get that seat for breakfast.

The highlight for Food & Wine at Tops? The “elevated sandwich of that Jersey breakfast favorite”, you know, pork roll, egg, and cheese (or Taylor ham since it’s Newark and North Jersey is weird like that).

And the chicken and waffles are over the top.

Teixeria’s Bakery – Newark

Teixeria’s sits in the predominantly Portuguese/Brazilian Ironbound section of Newark and Food & Wine is loving on the pasteis de nata (egg tarts) and milky coffees.

Sri Dosa Place – Iselin

It’s southern Indian cuisine in New Jersey. The talk of this place? The dosas, which is basically like a thin pancake.

SunMerry Bakery Cafe – Fort Lee and Edison

What is recommended at this Taiwanese-style café? Food & Wine wants you to try the airy brioche filled with cream.

Ila Mae’s – Trenton

Take a dive into some delicious soul food. Food & Wine says although Ila Mae’s has a classic coffee shop menu, you can find chicken and waffles, grits, and a stack of pancakes for a couple of bucks.

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