Not to be a downer, but how miserable are you living in New Jersey? Because depending on which city you live in, you're living in one of the most miserable cities in the whole country. Yay...

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Being a New Jerseyan isn't always a cake walk. Oftentimes we're at the end of a bad joke, and we're used to hearing things like "Dirty Jersey" or "armpit of America." Yeah, hilarious. Even though there are a ton of things to love about New Jersey, we can still admit that there are downsides to living here too. Insanely high property taxes, pollution levels, high rent, high crime rates, dirty water... Sure, you could make a list.

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But just how miserable is New Jersey? The U.S. Census Bureau conducted their latest study of the The Most Miserable Cities in America based on factors of crime rates, median income, poverty rates, commute time, and more. And unfortunately for us, 9 New Jersey cities made the list. In fact, New Jersey was one of the states with the most cities on the list.

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If you give a thought for a few seconds, you can probably guess quite a few cities that made the list, as many of them have been problem cities for decades. Let's see if a few of them surprise you.

Here are the 10 Cities in New Jersey that are among the 'Most Miserable' in America.

These 9 NJ Cities Are Among The 'Most Miserable' in America

If you're looking for happiness, you probably won't find it in these 9 New Jersey cities.

What do you think? If you live in any of these cities, give us your thoughts!

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