I remember when there was a time where I didn't even have a credit card and life seemed a lot simpler. But now with so many data breaches happening every year, it seems there's always something to worry about. The more advanced technology gets, the more scared I get that there's someone out there that has my information and is selling it on the internet ands when I heard the news today about Capitol One, I freaked out even more.

There's been a huge data breach that you should know about if you have a Capitol One Credit Card. According to CBS News, a hacker got access to 100 million credit card accounts and even some applications too. Capitol One has fixed the problem and one woman has been arrested in connection and she was a software engineer.

So what does this mean if you have a Capitol One credit card? Don't worry too much, if your information has been affected, Capitol One will be in contact with you and even offer you credit monitoring. So keep an eye out for an email. If not, you can breathe easy.

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