For me, it's the ultimate sandwich: the Reuben. Always with corned beef of course!

I feel I'm on a lifelong search for the perfect Reuben, forever ordering it for lunch, hoping to not be disappointed.

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How could one be disappointed? The bread is too soggy - or too hard. The corned beef is too salty. Not enough thousand island dressing. Too much russian or thousand island dressing. Inferior sauerkraut. No sauerkraut! (Cole slaw instead of Sauerkraut? Never!)

Until the other day, the best Reuben I had in the past few years was from Chico and Sons in Northfield. I actually had it delivered - and, it passed the "soggy test" even though it had sat in a box for the delivery to my house.

Hold on, though, I just found an even better Reuben - in a rather unlikely place.

While running errands the other day, I stopped for the first time ever at Galloway Casual Dining, on the White Horse Pike near Pomona. I had never been there before, not even at one of its earlier incarnations, like the Galloway Diner.

Galloway Casual Dining is, for all intents and purposes, a diner. The basic diner interior with the menu that goes on and on.

My go-to in any diner is the Reuben, so I decided to give it a try - and it was angelic!

Technically I ordered the Reuben Panini with corned beef. The grilling of the panini made for a strong crust, even better than most Reubens that are finished off on a flat top.

The ratio of meat to cheese to sauerkraut to dressing was simple perfection. Every bite was as good as the next. The cheese was extra-cheesy without being "too much cheese." For every bite, the cheese pulled from the rest of the sandwich like little angel hairs of goodness pulling from my mouth.

How good was this Reuben? I only could eat half! So scrumptious and filling, I actually saved half the sandwich for later!

So, if you're a Reuben sandwich lover like me, run, don't walk, to Galloway Casual Dining. Yum!

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