In less than 72 hours, one video on YouTube has exploded - creating a buzz about how some diet infomercials may make those dramatic Before and After photos.  What makes this video so impressive is that the transformation is done in about 5 hours!

A man who goes by Furious Pete has taken on the task to show something so shocking that his video has about 3.5 Million hits so far since he posted this on YouTube on Feb. 5th.  The background on Furious Pete is that he is a competitive eater - that means he tries to consume food in mass quantities in short periods of time (think the Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest or the Wing Bowl).  Pete currently holds the record for the longest undefeated streak in eating challenges (18).

Furious Pete is also a body builder who has himself in impressive shape (as you will see in this video).  He seems to know the a great deal about fitness and food, and he's applied a theory to potentially cause a $60 Billion-a-year industry a great deal of headaches.

What you'll see in this video is how Furious Pete creates the After photo first with his workout, followed by doing the Before photo by loading up on junk food and carbonation.  Pete does put a disclaimer "I'm not stating anywhere in this video that supplements or programs (mentioned or not) don't work.  I'm simply showing what is possible."

Time for you to see what is possible, and why this video has gone viral: