Eagles fans everywhere are either going to be really excited or really upset with some news today.

After 26 years of repping the exact same logo, The Philadelphia Eagles decided it was time to switch things up a bit.

It was announced today that The Eagles have changed their logo around a little, and fans have a few things they’d like to say.

Now of course The Eagles will not be getting a new mascot and becoming a team centered around another animal of some sort.

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All they did was change the watermark of the word Eagles. People have been bashing the new logo all over social media all day saying it’s boring and dull compared to the previous logo design.

It looks like the branding team is trying to make things sleek and really giving into the minimalist culture that’s super popular right now, but I don’t really know how I feel about it.

The old logo was fun and cartoon-like which for someone who isn’t a super fan of football, that’s the only thing I really have to focus on during game nights!

People that are fans of other teams were speaking out on Twitter saying that even though they aren’t Eagles fans, they always had really cool jerseys.

I guess the minimalist look is a sign of the times, but I feel like we can all agree we’ll miss the old watermark because truthfully, it’s just iconic!

Some Eagles fans took to Twitter and were bashing the logo, but there were some peacemakers pointing out the fact that when the logo changed in 1995, fans were just as upset and they will get over it.

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