According to a new report, the number of homeless who sought out shelters or transitional housing have declined within New Jersey.

Philly. com has released an interesting article about the state of homelessness within the state. Across the state, almost 25,000 people were housed in shelters within the last year, according to Monarch Housing Associates.

The number of people in shelters and housing have decreased by 3%. This decline is primarily seen especially within Camden County, who has experience the largest decline.

Within New Jersey's 21 counties, about two-third of them noticed the decrease. But keep in mind, this doesn't mean that homelessness or the need for assistance is on the decline.

Advocacy groups that combat homelessness within the state believe the decrease might be from stricter federal criteria to qualify for housing. Within Philly's article, the services are more focused on those who are considered 'chronically homeless.'  

Members for advocacy groups, like in Camden County, plan to meet with the board of social services to discuss and review the qualifications.

Hopefully, by the next report in May 2016, there's more of a change within this issue.

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