In the last year and a half, our home office spaces have been challenged. We've sat at desks, on sofas, at coffee tables, and had to improvise beyond even those options. One particular home office item would be genius if it weren't so darn expensive.

It's called the Emagikit Office Pod, made by the company Emagispace. I spotted it recently on Naturally, it caught my attention because it's a pretty cool concept.

The Office Pod would give you privacy, kind of like an old-school phone booth, and even has space for a desk. Not only would this be useful for the work-from-home force, but also for virtual learning. It's even just a great idea for doing homework or catching up on reading.

Emagispace writes that their Office Pod provides 'a quiet place for employees to escape from office disruption and improve productivity' and offers 'an ultra-quiet place to take calls or focus'.

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I'm totally into it. But, the PRICE TAG, oof!

So, what will this Emagikit Office Pod set you back? A cool $8,045, according to Wayfair, and it doesn't even come assembled!

But, hey, if you're interested, this is excellent timing! Our cash codes contest, where you can win up to $10,000, kicks off Monday, September 20th.

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