Pixar has made some of the greatest animated films of all time. If you had to narrow all those great movies — Toy StoryA Bug’s LifeMonsters Inc.WALL-EThe IncrediblesUpRatatouille — down to just one movie and one single scene that’s the most important in the company’s long history, what would you pick?

We here at ScreenCrush say the clear winner is 2003’s Finding Nemo, directed by Andrew Stanton, and specifically one key sequence from the beginning of the movie that establishes the underwater world of the movie, introduces the key characters, and more importantly, announced that Pixar was going to tell new kinds of stories that were almost unheard to that time in American animation. The video below from Ryan Arey and the ScreenCrush video team breaks down this all-important scene, and explains why it represents the absolute pinnacle of Pixar Animation Studio’s filmmaking:

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