I know... you woke up, looked outside and your trash can was.....GONE!

Apparently, many Mays Landing residents awoke this morning and their first thought was to check on their lovely trash can. Here's comes the problem: the trash cans were gone!

Who did it? Where did they all go?

It wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but residents starting calling in their missing trash can reports to 9-1-1!

(People, a missing trash can, no matter how inconvenient that can be, is NOT an emergency sufficient enough to call 9-1-1.....)

Anyway, we have heard from Hamilton Township Police Detective Michael Tantum. In a matter of hours (or minutes or seconds - we didn't really time him), Detective Tantum has found the reason behind the missing trash cans.

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Sabotage? Vandalism? A rogue cleanliness gang? Just another "2020 thing"?

Nope..... here it is:

They're being picked up on purpose. Tantum has released this official police statement:

The Township of Hamilton is in the process of switching trash haulers. Within the next week residents will have their old trash can picked up and replaced by a new trash can from the ACUA.

Mind blown, right? Turns out it wasn't a big deal at all. Hamilton Township is safe from garbage-can thieves - at least for now.

Oh - I just thought of this: If they took your old can and didn't replace it with a new one yet, what are you going to do with your trash?

NOW, Hamilton Township, that's a real problem to have! (Still, not bad enough to call 9-1-1.)



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