This week we officially say goodbye to the Summer of 2012, and mother nature beings to take more revenge for the mostly dry and hot summer we had - rain is coming!

Meteorologist Alan Kasper is calling for South Jersey to see some rain coming in late tonight and into the overnight.  Once the rain comes, this wet stretch should stick around to Wednesday afternoon, and there is the possibility of 1-2 inches of rain coming through South Jersey.

The National Weather Service is saying that Tuesday night will be the worst of this storm system with heavy rains and wind gusts that could reach 40-50 MPH in parts of our area.

This weather may bring flooding in some areas - if you know areas that normally flood, they will be susceptible during this storm.

Once we are through this stretch, the weather gets good again.  The first weekend of Autumn is looking right now sunny, dry, and in the mid-70s for much of South Jersey.

Sad to see summer go, but the smell of pumpkins are starting to make its way into the air, and the colors that are coming make the up-coming season something to behold.