You cannot seem go 24 hours without one of the Kardashian clan making some noise.  While Rob is now in the Final-3 for Dancing With The Stars, Kim is having a media meltdown over her "marriage", mama Kris is defending her, while the former Olympic star Bruce Jenner may truly be in over his head.  The Kardashians seem to be a phenomenon of the 2K generation, but everyone is not thrilled by this.

A petition is now out and available at to get the Kardashian/Jenner clan off television screens, clothes, and perfume and nail polish bottles everywhere.  If that was not enough, we are seeing websites and Facebook pages calling for their demise.  I am far from a Kardashian fan - if you don't like  Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then here is a simple solution ............. don't watch!  Ignoring them .......... that's a little harder.

The drama that is The Kardashians have found their way into almost every form of the media with no end in sight.  The family does deserve credit for knowing how to manipulate the media to their advantage.  Did they go too far with the Kim K./Kris Humphries marriage?  That has been the subject of many a debate, but the truth may never find itself out.  The more intrigue, the better it is for the Kardashians.

Is there a positive that the Kardashian/Jenner family bring to society?  Here are some thoughts:

1) They keep the E! channel relevant (and profitable)

Outside of the channel's Red Carpet specials, the Kardashians are pulling down the most significant Nielsen ratings on the channel.  The show reached a season high in ratings in September with 3.5 million viewers.  Let's not forget the 2 spin-offs from the Kardashians - Khloe and Lamar, plus Kim and Khloe Take New York.

2) Shoedazzle

My girlfriend has been a fan of this for a while.  Great shoes and accessories for an affordable price.  See ........ Kim has a talent!

3) Rob Kardashian could with Dancing With The Stars

Rob could have a dancing career after this ............... maybe not.  The upside here could be that mama Kris or Bruce Jenner now become a shoe-in to be on dancing in the future (or is that a downside?)

4) Drama, Drama, Drama

There is a reason shows like this, The Real Housewives, and others in this reality genre work: loyal audiences for less than scripted shows.  Not good in respect to Hollywood, but "Reality TV" is not leaving anytime soon.

5) Kim Kardashian is about to star in a major motion picture

Tyler Perry has given Kim a significant role in a new flick called The Marriage Counselor (due out in 2012).  This can be a good thing, as Kim now becomes the odds on favorite to be nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Actress.



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