Sources are claiming that every track, and every word, written in Taylor Swift's 'Red' album was directed at one person.



John Mayer and Joe Jonas, congrats, you're off the hook.


Jake Gyllenhaal, stay put.  It seems that Taylor Swift was singing to you.


The not-so-always-reliable reported that Taylor lost her virginity to Jake when she was 20.    A few months later, Jake was supposed to be at Taylor's 21'st birthday, and went AWOL.  No texts, no calls, and completely off the radar.  Nobody could find him either.


Taylor ended up locking herself in the bathroom and cried all night. From there, the lyrics came, and millions of dollars were earned.


By the way, he was 33 and she was 20.


Again, these are just 'sources' talking, so take the news for what it's worth.