Wow. It's more of a good thing, and also something I never knew.

In fact, I don't know if I ever even stopped to THINK about what was in between the wafer layers of a Kit Kat. Maybe it's because I'm constantly preoccupied defending the way I eat a Kit Kat (I don't break one off, I eat it whole from the top, see video below).

According to Food & Wine, the inside of a Kit Kat is actually made of OTHER Kit Kats that were broken or imperfect, and then impacted down into a paste filling to form PERFECT Kit Kats. The manufacturers want to make sure no Kit Kat goes uneaten. It's like the greatest lesson in waste management!

Fascinating for sure, but it begs the question of the Kit Kat origin story: Which came first the Kit Kat or the broken Kit Kat?

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