Two weeks ago, Nik Wallenda went from being a high-wire daredevil to a TV success with his walk over the precipice at Niagara Falls.  The man who showed no feared on ABC will bring his unique talent to Atlantic City in August.

Wallenda's moment on national TV drew the attention of 10.1 Million viewers, helping ABC have it's highest audience on a Friday night in nearly 5 1/2 years!  The moment has now made Wallenda a star, the unquestioned King of the High-Wire, and he is set to take full advantage of the Niagara Falls stunt.

Wallenda is bringing his act to the Tropicana from August 12th through to September 22nd.  His show apply titled "Beyond The Falls" includes a variety of acts including silks performers and a riveting high wire act.

The silks routine is a display of strength and agility as the performers climb, spin, and twirl on suspended silk curtains.  The high wire performance features a two-tiered, three person pyramid performed on a chair and two bicycles.  The show will also include presentations on the Wallenda Family story.

Nik's family story has been well documented recently - his great grandfather is Karl Wallenda who founded The Flying Wallendas, who were known for their circus high wire acts and death defying stunts.  What they did between the 1930s and the 1970s were nothing more than inconceivable, and sadly not without peril.

Karl fell to his death in 1978 in a wire walk in Puerto Rico – high winds caused Karl to lose his balance on the wire, and then came his 10-story fall to the concrete (he was 73).

Nik avenged Karl's demise by doing that same walk successfully in recent years, and now is planning to walk the high-wire over the Grand Canyon in the future (he has been given approval for the stunt).

Nik Wallenda and The Wallenda Family Experience is a show that cannot be missed, especially if you caught the ABC special.  Tickets for the Tropicana shows are on sale for $25 and $42.50 for adults, $15 for children younger than 13.  Tickets are available by calling 800-736-1420, or at the Tropicana Box Office, or through Ticketmaster's website.