I'm pale.  And I like it that way.  Call me vain, but I fear the sun.  I'm an SPF100 kind of girl who shuns wrinkles and wants to look as young as Christie Brinkley when I'm 50.  But when summer roles around and I break out the shorts and sundresses I always feel like something is missing--a tan.  So I turned to the Berry Tan Girls of Hammonton to help me achieve a healthy summer glow from a spray tan.

Luckily I didn't have to experiment alone.  I convinced resident SoJO On the Go party man Marc D to give it a go too.

The Berry Tan Girls of Hammonton, Toni and Colleen, arrived to SoJO studios earlier this week with their mobile spray tan booth.  Less than 45 minutes later Marc and I went from pasty to praline, lol.  The color was noticeable immediately, and as the day wore on my glow gradually increased in intensity.  I almost didn't recognize myself but the compliments were pouring in.


Berry Tan Girls
Berry Tan Girls



I usually steer clear of spray tanning because of the harsh chemicals, and frankly, because my skin has oranged in the past...not a good look.  But Berry Tan Girls use vegetable-based, all organic color pigments.  In fact, all the ingredients are PETA approved!  So there was little to no risk of ingesting any unfavorable fumes, and I became bronzed not fake-baked.







Here's Marc D's before and after.  We were both immediately pleased with the results.

Berry Tan Girls can get you glowing in-store or in the privacy of your own home as they have the ability to be totally mobile when requested!

  • Berry Tan Girls is located at 14 Central Ave. in Hammonton, N.J.
  • Call them at 609-704-5573 or 609-561-2524 for more information or email at berrytans@yahoo.com!  Like them on Facebook.
  • In-store sessions are $15, and as little as $25 for at-home visits.  You can even host a party for as little as $20 per person.  That makes for a great girls night!
  • Ages 14-17 must have a parents permission to tan.

**Spray tanning is not a replacement for sunscreen.  Make sure to protect your skin in the sun with sunscreen that provides protection from both UVA and UVB exposure.

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