It's Election Day 2012, and I love it.  Voters have been making their way to the polls since 6 a.m., and this could be one of the closest Presidential races in our nation's history.  Lines have been long in places, but I'm hoping that doesn't mean you're choosing to sit this one out.

Whether it's a re-election for Barack Obama or an Oval Office initiation for Mitt Romney only we can say.  At the end of the day it so important TO say.  It's been a difficult four years, and whoever wins the Presidency tonight is facing an equally tough road ahead.  So even if you don't think you have a horse in this race, you do.  You are your own horse.

Your voice is crucial to determining where this country is headed.



I'm happy as a clam on election day.  Because no one can take away my right to declare myself.  It's also such a privilege that as a woman I get to do so, given some of the stringent cultures around the world.  I'd love to disclose my choice, but that's between me and the booth.  It wasn't an easy decision, but one I woke up ready to make for better or worse.  Sitting out, blowing off this election, however, would certainly feel worse.  It would be like someone taking away my voice.



I once was in a relationship that was anything but bipartisan when it came to politics.  So much so the night of the 2000 Presidential election boiled down to us standing over a huge poster board of the country and coloring the states red and blue as electoral votes came in.  It was frustrating, but impassioned.  Because you see, it's not about the outcome.  It's about the fight.  And you can't fight for what you believe in if you don't choose.  So I hope you'll vote today.

**If you're someone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, and is unsure of where to go or how to cast your vote today, you can call Election Protection at 1-866-OUR-VOTE, or visit

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