Whether it was in person or on social media, we all saw the production crew of 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' around South Jersey. 


The Food Network is planning on showing off two more restaurants that Guy Fieri visited in South Jersey.


A brand new episode entitled 'From Atlantic to Pacific' will air on March 6 at 10PM.   The description of the upcoming episode deals with a restaurant in Somers Point that has 'crazy combos, like a killer crab melt and the bomb pork belly reuben'. (Press of Atlantic City)  It's safe to say that the Grilled Cheese and Crab Cake Co. will be featured.  By the way, WHY haven't I paid those guys a visit?  The name of the 'Dive' has GRILLED CHEESE written on it for crying out loud!! :-)


Another new episode will feature Carluccio's Coal Fired Pizza on New Road in Northfield.  We already know that based on this crowd shot.

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If you were one of these people that were trying to get a glimpse of Guy eating pizza, look for yourself to be on The Food Network on March 13.



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