Who doesn't love a meatball.

When it comes to home style and authentic, its tough to find better Italian food than right here in New Jersey.

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One local spot has been included on NJ.com's list of the 25 best meatballs in the entire state. If you’re looking for the best meatballs in South Jersey, you’ve got to head down south to Stone Harbor to Spiaggetta Restaurant, which landed at No. 24 on the list of the Top 25 meatballs in the state, per writer Peter Genovese.

Spiaggetta features “classic Italian and Roman cuisine.” What’s Roman cuisine? Well, from Rome, obviously; standards include artichokes, cacio e pepe (pasta with pecorino romano cheese and black pepper); and pizza al taglio (oblong-shaped pizza cut with a knife or scissors). The pork, veal and beef meatballs, each the size of Delaware and topped with fresh mozzarella, pesto, bechamel sauce and marinara, are highly recommended.

I was in Rome in the summer of 2022, and if I can get a meatball that tastes anything like the meatballs I had in Rome, I will be there as soon as they open!

This is a place that I have been wanting to try, since it recently made the list of the 50 best Italian restaurants in the state, coming in at No. 33.  In that ranking, they made the recommendation to try the pork, veal, and beef meatballs.

Spiaggetta is currently closed for the season, but will be re-open for Valentine's weekend, Feb. 10 starting at 5 p.m.

Take a trip down south to 9800 3rd Avenue in Stone Harbor and try what just might be the best meatballs in not only Cape May County, but all of South Jersey.

I can't say I have had these meatballs, but I am definitely going to be taking a trip down the parkway this summer to try one!

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