It seems like only yesterday that the Atlantic Club shut it's doors and stripped for parts.  Now, it's the building has been sold......again.


Four months ago, Caesars Entertainment and Tropicana Entertainment acquired the Atlantic Club in a bankruptcy sale.    Tropicana took control of the slot machines and equipment, while Caesars took control of the actual property. Fast forward to today, and   TJM Properties Inc. are now the official owners of what was once 'The Atlantic Club'.


Sound familiar? Maybe.  You may have heard of this company because they recently took over the Claridge Casino Hotel.   So, is the Atlantic Club back?  Will we see a casino return?


Not likely.  In fact, TJM isn't even considering a casino, but does have other ideas.  We'll just have to wait and see what those ideas are, until then, the building will remain standing....and dark.


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