It looks like next year's Atlantic City Airshow will be an "experiment".   Instead of having the show on the traditional mid-week date, this year the event will be moved to a Friday.  While moving the event may be easier for tourists, not to mention increased revenue to our casinos, some small businesses are not too happy with this "experiment".  According to the Press of Atlantic City, and Mayor Mike Becker of Margate,

Normally, I would say I’m a midweek kind of guy because of the traffic it brings,” Mayor Mike Becker said Tuesday.

Becker said the airshow always draws a huge crowd and results in more traffic on the entire island. His concerns are two-fold, he said.

“My first concern would be, what are you going to do with all these people on the weekend,” he said. “Two, it may hurt business.”

Becker said he understands casinos are likely to profit from the event, because of their proximity to the Atlantic City Boardwalk. However, he said his concerns were directly related to the smaller businesses that have come to rely on the midweek revenue boost.

“(Visitors) might be too busy with the show that they’re not going into the restaurants,” he said.

If you enjoy this South Jersey tradition, would you rather go on a Friday?  It could be a great way to celebrate the weekend.  Or, will the possible increase in traffic cause you to have other feelings?

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