From weird drinks to bizarre interviews, here are the videos posted to our YouTube channel you watched the most this past year.

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  • 10

    LFO Breaks Down Wacky Song Lyrics

    Does Chinese food actually make the duo LFO sick? We loved having Brad and Devin live in the studio.

  • 9

    Unicorn Frapp Mishap

    When Starbucks released their polarizing (and sour) Unicorn Frappuccino, Heather DeLuca did the taste-testing dirty work.

  • 8

    Spring Teaches Us How to Save Money

    'Social' Spring's App of the Week series introduced us to the Clarity app, which is pretty much 'saving money for dummies'. So did you?

  • 7

    Heather Flies Shotgun in an F-16 Jet

    Heather took flight in an F-16 fighter jet, breaking the sound barrier and puking along the way.

  • 6

    Mike Meets Robert The Doll

    Morning show man Mike recounts his visit with one of the world's most famously haunted dolls.

  • 5

    Miss America 2017 Takes a Quiz

    Mike put Miss America 2017 on the hot seat during one of her visits, grilling her about the benefits of dry shampoo.

  • 4

    O-Town Visits the SoJO Studio

    Boy band fans went nuts for a live in-studio appearance by Dan, Erik, Trevor, and Jacob, especially when they confessed to some of their favorite songs.

  • 3

    Interview with Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei

    The singer phoned into SoJO to talk about her time on Dancing with the Stars and the future of Fifth Harmony as a four member group.

  • 2

    Musician Julia Brennan Gets Personal

    You really responded to the deep subject matter of the song 'Inner Demons' by singer/songwriter Julia Brennan who played for us during her first ever visit to SoJO.

  • 1

    Mike Takes the Cup Blowing Challenge

    You went nuts for watching Mike attempt to blow one cup out of the other and have it land inside another cup, making this the top-viewed SoJO 104.9 video of 2017!

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