Remember when TD Bank had Penny Arcades? Well thanks to its little shortchange problem, TD Bank might have to pay $7.5 million to its customers.

So, if you used TD's once beloved coin machine starting from April 11 2010, you could be looking at some money!

Courier-Post reports the Cherry Hill based bank could be paying $9 million to settle a class-action lawsuit thanks to a preliminary agreement presented in Superior Court in Camden County.

It all started after NBC aired a report exposing five Penny Arcades shortchanging customers by incorrectly counting coins. TD Bank responded by pulling all of its Penny Arcades by May 2016.

If they lose this suit, $7.5 million will go to customers, and the remaining money is to be split between the 13 plaintiffs.

Courier-Post says customers do not have to worry about reaching out for their money BUT non-customers will have to submit claims. Unfortunately (but not unfortunately), non-customers will receive as much as $500.

CUH-RAZY. As someone who was an avid Penny Arcade user and TD Bank customer, I'll be patiently waiting for my check in the mail.

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