If 2016 Was a Horror Film [VIDEO]
2016 has been a doozie of a year. I think we can all agree there were many hellish moments that had us thinking, 'is this a dream?'. Well, here's an imagining of what the year would have looked like if it was translated into a scary movie.
Dad Responds to Magic! 'Rude' With Epic Song [VIDEO]
By now you've heard the song by Magic! called 'Rude'.  It's about a guy trying to ask a Father's permission to marry her daughter, and the Dad denies him.  His response is 'Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry her anyway.'  Really? This Dad…
Let it Go: A Dad's Plea [VIDEO]
So, your kids are still watching Frozen huh? Do they still sing 'Let it Go'? This Dad has heard enough, and decided to take matters in his own hands, by singing a parody.
Pumpkin Spice The Movie!
It seems to happen earlier and earlier.  The pumpkin spice INVASION!  And, the range of pumpkin flavored products has become endless.  It's no longer just coffee, its candles, donuts, even M&M's!  This short film pokes fun at the obsession.  Oh, did I happe…

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