New York

Bikers vs. SUV: watch the dramatic video
The scene was frenetic on the streets of New York City Sunday as a brigade of motorcyclists tormented a family in an SUV in one of the most heinous cases of road rage caught on video.  The incident left the driver beaten and bikers badly injured.
Man Stabs Himself at Today Show [VIDEO]
A man holding a knife and reportedly ranting that his life was ruined by the IRS, cut himself outside of the Today show studios in New York City this morning.  NBC news anchors has planned on an outdoor segment but were forced to remain inside the building at Rockefeller Plaza while police atte…
South Jersey may have the "home field advantage", but something tells me that this debate will be a fight to the end.
A few months ago, we took a poll, and the results showed.....
Should New Jersey Ban Supersized Soft Drinks? [POLL]
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration is proposing a city-wide ban on large size sugary beverages in an effort to combat obesity.  Would you like to see a similar prohibition put in place in the Garden State?  Let us know!
Should New Jersey follow New York and propose …

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