5 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Broadway This Summer
The nominees for the Tony Awards were announced to recognize the best of what Broadway has to offer over the last year, and this group features an amazing array of talent on the NYC stage - bringing 5 good reasons for you to plan a trek to the theater district.
How To Judge The Best From American Idol
The show that has been possibly the biggest success for FOX is caught in what looks like a free fall in the ratings.  Hard to be disappointed in any TV show that has 19.5 million viewers, but that number from Wednesday night's Aspen auditions for American Idol is down over 20% from last year.  This …
A Broadway Experience Soon Not To Forget
One of my Christmas gifts for my girlfriend was getting tickets to a Broadway show, something I had never experienced before despite spending a big chunk of my life growing up less than 50 miles from New York City.  She had experienced a Broadway musical previously but not a play.  Relatively Speaki…