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New Jersey leads the nation in spelling, but the state's grammar skills are sorely lacking.

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Preply surveyed people nationwide about spelling and grammar skills and the findings about the people of New Jersey are mixed.

New Jersey residents ranked #1 when it comes to spelling - we have the best spellers. Our grammar skills though, come toward the bottom. New Jersey ranks #7 when it comes to states that need the most grammar training.

When it comes to states needing spellcheck, New Jersey finished with the best score, meaning the state's residents are pretty good spellers.

Thanks to the strength of New Jersey resident's spelling, overall grammar skills did show New Jersey as ranked #7 in the USA.. Overall grammar skills takes into account spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Just how the findings came to be is quite interesting. A test was given to participants, challenging both their spelling and grammar skills.

How do you think you would do? Well, you can find out right now! You can take the exact same test that the survey's respondents took.

I took the test and frankly, I didn't do that great. I was surprised. I thought I would do better. If you're interested, you can take the test here. Feel free to take it and share your results. You can also share this story with your friends and followers and see how well they do.

Honestly, I'm surprised New Jersey did so good as spelling. I'm not surprised that our grammar skills are lacking.

SOURCE: Preply.com

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