The site of this submerged roller coaster in Seaside has been a nationwide symbol and reminder of Sandy's destruction.  That's hopefully going to change....



A few nights ago, I watched the news, and learned that the submerged jet star roller coaster that was swept off the shore in seaside, was actually being considered as a tourist attraction.



It received nationwide attention, because of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.  So if we don't tear it down, that would mean  more visitors to the Jersey Shore, right?  Maybe for monumental attraction?  As a reminder of homes being destroyed?


Never mind the chemicals from the metal that would be in the ocean, or the eery feeling I get every time I see it on the news.


Maybe there are more important issues to restoring the shore, than keeping a beaten down and submerged roller coaster for tourist attraction.


Then again, you may still want to see it in person.


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