Next time you're looking to buy wine to impress your guests, don't be scared to go for the 'cheap' brands. Apparently, expensive wine only tastes better in your mind.

No seriously.

A study done by INSEAD business school and the University of Bonn explain the reason we think expensive wine tastes better. And it all comes down to marketing!

Since expensive wines market themselves to be trendy and glamorous when we buy the wine, we automatically assume it is better.

Within the study, 30 volunteers were given wine samples and connected to MRI scanners. They were shown the retail price to see if it sways their response. Majority of the volunteers after being shown the price, felt the more expensive the wine, the better it tastes. Meanwhile it was all in their head.

Researchers at the University of Bonn are stumped as to why the price information causes people to think wine tastes better, but they speculate it's because we convinced ourselves it's better. Great marketing will make you believe that by drinking this expensive wine, you'll feel more luxurious.

Moral of the story. Don't feel bad the next time you buy Two Buck Chuck or some Yellowtail.

We fancy either way.

Source: Elite Daily

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