You don't have to travel to Hawkins to get to the Upside Down.

Warning: there may be some spoilers ahead if you're not up to date on Stranger Things. 

I'm about 6 years behind everyone else, but I'm finally on board the Stranger Things train.  On Friday, I started with season 1, and I'm up to the last episode in season 4 volume 2 (don't spoil it for me!)

Needless to say, I'm obsessed and on the hunt for anything Stranger Things related.  If you're as into the show as I am, get ready to be amazed by this find!

There is a Stranger Things Experience just a drive away from Ocean County in New York that brings you into the action of the show.  I've never seen anything so cool in my whole life.

Who wants a picture with a Demogorgon?

According to the website, you can expect a "1-hour immersive experience featuring a brand new Stranger Things storyline" photo ops, food, drinks, and more!  Talk about the perfect summertime activity!

A USS Butterscotch from Scoops Ahoy would be heaven on a hot summer day.

If you're ready to go to the Upside Down, the Stranger Things experience is at Duggal Greenhouse at 63 Flushing Ave, Building 268 in Brooklyn.  According to Google Maps, that's about an hour and 40-minute drive from Ocean County. Before you can channel your inner Eleven, you'll need to buy tickets.  The website has different options to choose from, ranging from $58-$84 for adults over 17, and $44-$74 for children ages 5-17.

I'm sure Eleven would call this Rink O Mania experience "bitchin'."





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I know I'll be taking a trip there this summer. Will you?

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