A campaign promoting post-Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts along the Jersey shore is launching a contest for musical artists to create an original song to become New Jersey's summer anthem.

Jersey Shore Soundoff (StrongerThanTheStorm.com)

Contestants can begin submitting song entries to the Jersey Shore Soundoff on Monday. The contest was created by "Stronger than the Storm," a statewide campaign that has been touting tourism in an effort to drive visitors to the area the first summer after Sandy devastated many beach areas.

Solo artists and bands have four weeks to submit videos of performances to be voted on by the general public. The winner will perform at a Sept. 7 concert at the shore alongside a notable music act that hasn't yet been determined.

While contestants are required to be New Jersey residents, people around the country are eligible to vote online. A celebrity panel of judges will also join in the voting process.

The "Stronger than the Storm" campaign already has a theme song by the same name that has been playing on radio and TV and appearing on digital ads since May. But Shannon Eis, a contest organizer and spokeswoman for the campaign, said the idea is an effort to create an authentic anthem from people who were affected by the storm and to celebrate the state's musical roots.

"It felt important to make something custom-created," Eis said.

Eis said the contest is aimed at recognizing "the awesome musical talent that resides in New Jersey."

The first phase of voting begins Monday and lasts until Aug. 11. A second round of online voting Aug. 12-18 and a celebrity panel will determine three finalists. Then, the final stage of voting Aug. 19-25 will determine the winner, who will be announced Aug. 26. People can cast their votes online once a day.

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