The restaurant industry is well known for being extremely hard and unpredictable to establish and sustain a successful establishment in any given year.

New Jersey has seen its share of restaurant doors slammed shut in the past year thanks to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Looks like one more South Jersey restaurant will officially close its doors for good.  The Press of Atlantic City reports the Bobby Flay Steak located inside Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa will officially close at the end of June. According to the report, the closing was based on a mutual decision by all parties

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A new eatery owned by Borgata and MGM Resorts International will open on a temporary basis soon in Bobby Flay's place. More information will be released soon concerning a new restaurant to permanently take over the location.

I'm not a big steak lover but every once in a while I do get the cravings for a delicious steak dinner. I loved having a filet mignon smothered in their steak sauce or the Philadelphia Style Strip Steak with provolone cheese sauce.

Thanks to COVID -19 many restaurant chains have either closed or filed for bankruptcy in the past year according to the website Eat This, Not That. Those who have filed for bankruptcy include: Chuck E. Cheese, IHOP, Wendy's, and Pizza Hut


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