The State of New Jersey has half-assed answered the centuries-old question: is there a "Central Jersey?"

But in typical government fashion, they failed to actually prove it and define any boundaries.

In a Tweet Thursday afternoon, the State -- on the "new official Twitter account of the State of New Jersey" (which begs to ask the question, "what happened to the old one?" -- but that's for another blog) -- simply posted this: "Central Jersey is real."

This debate has been raging for years. Is there a Central Jersey? It depends on if you are from South Jersey, North Jersey, or in that grey area between the two. The Central Jersey debate ranks right up there with pork roll vs. Taylor Ham or going "to the beach" vs. "down the shore."

Now, mind you, this isn't the first time that the Central Jersey debate has been muddied by a political entity. Anyone remember Gov. Murphy's appearance on The Late Show in 2018?

"We are one New Jersey. North, Central, and South."

And, according to Murphy, not only does Central Jersey exist, it's also a magical kingdom (stop rolling your eyes).

So, is Central Jersey real? The new, official Twitter account says indeed it is. Did they prove it? No. What say you?

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