With Major League Baseball's All-Star Game about 3 weeks away, it's time to start looking at who should be selected to go to Kansas City on July 10th.  If South Jersey's Mike Trout is not there, there is something wrong in the selection process.

The fans will vote for the starting lineup, and Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington will fill out the American League roster with those who are worthy ...... hopefully.

Washington and his Rangers are in the same division as Trout and the L.A. Angels (AL West), and Ron has to be in awe of what this 20-yr-old out of Millville High School has done among a team of superstars.

Trout arrived on a team that was 7-15 at the time - the Angels have gone 31-17 (.646 winning percentage) since then.  Trout has been a spark this team truly needed when veterans like Vernon Wells, Torii Hunter, and Albert Pujols were struggling.

Mike Trout is currently 2nd in the American League with his .338 batting average, and is leading the AL in Stolen Bases with 19.  Leading off the lethal Angels lineup, Trout sports a On-Base average around .400 - this has created havoc for opposing pitchers (Trout has a great eye at the plate).

South Jersey has been swept in Trout-Mania for quite some time, but now the rest of the country is discovering what we have known - Mike Trout is a special player.  You have virtually every major sports publication gushing over what he has done this season, even some calling Mike a serious candidate for the AL Most Valuable Player award.

The first step toward higher accolades is with a deserved selection of Mike Trout to play in the 83rd MLB All-Star Game.  Nothing short of this would be a massive snub that Ron Washington will have to answer to, and based on what you have read how could he do something epically stupid?


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