The most popular thing in South Jersey to get drunk on at Christmas is...

WINE. Beer is second and liquor is a very close third.

The Mike Show did a highly scientific (not) survey to find out what people in South Jersey will be hammering back this year on Christmas, and here is the scientific data we collected...

1.  Wine, 64%.

2.  Beer, 46%.

3.  Liquor and cocktails, 42%.

4.  Flavored malt drinks like Smirnoff Ice, 15%.

5.  Hard cider, 12%.

If you are paying WAY to close attention, those percentages add up to more than 100% and that's because some people will be having more than one type of alcohol.
The Mike Show also found 80% of people will be with their immediate family on Christmas 45% with extended family, 21% with close friends and 3% with random acquaintances.

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