Do you love it or hate it?

As we get closer to Halloween, we start to see stores stock their shelves with tons of candy, among them being candy corn. But some people refuse to pick it up while others (me) will grab 12 bags of it and have themselves a good time.

The debate of candy corn being liked or hated has been going on since what feels like the dawn of time, with no end in sight. From out of the people I know, there looks to be more people that can't stand candy corn rather than loving it. For the record, me and Heather DeLuca absolutely love the stuff.

Marie Fields/Thinkstock

But what does the rest of South Jersey have to say about it?

Do you like candy corn? Or do you refuse to acknowledge it's very existence?

Let's find out.

See, told you she liked loved it!

But Sam, Sheryl, and Mark from Facebook had a different opinion on the matter, as they gave us visual representation of their thoughts.

How do you feel about candy corn? Let us know in the comments below!

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