They are stretches of road that you may travel everyday. Some of them you know are dangerous already. Others may surprise you. 

According to a report by the NJ State Police, here's where South Jersey ranked in regards to the most dangerous roads in the state for the year 2013.

3. Route 70 in Ocean County, 6 dead in 6 accidents

All those killed along this two-lane road stretching from Cherry Hill to the Jersey Shore were drivers. Five of the crashes occurred along a 10-mile stretch in Manchester, three of them within the span of a month between April 18 and May 16, while the sixth was in Lakewood.

4. Interstate 195 in Ocean County: 6 dead in 5 accidents

All six crashes along this interstate that cuts across the center of New Jersey and is the main roadway to the Great Adventure theme park occurred within seven miles of roadway in Jackson, and all took place on a weekend: two in January, two in October, and one in July. Drivers were killed in all five accidents and a passenger was also killed in one.

5. Route 539 in Ocean County: 6 dead in 5 accidents

This two-lane road through the Pine Barrens saw three drivers and three passengers killed. One accident was near its southern terminus in Little Egg Harbor, with two each in Manchester and Plumsted.

6. Route 37 in Ocean County: 6 dead in 5 accidents

All happened along an eight-mile stretch in Toms River, which has the dubious distinction of having the most pedestrian fatalities -- three. Four of the crashes occurred in six weeks, between March 14 and April 27, between mile-points 3.4 and 8. An accident on a Saturday in June took the life of a pedestrian.

8. Route 559 in Atlantic County: 5 dead in 4 accidents

All the accidents occurred along a 12-mile stretch in Hamilton. There was a two-person fatality on a Sunday in March, and a driver was killed on a Wednesday later that month. In September, a driver died on a Sunday and another was killed the following Wednesday.

9. Route 73 in Camden County: 5 dead in 4 accidents

Three of the crashes occurred on Mondays -- one in the afternoon and two at night. A five-mile stretch in Winslow saw three accidents, including one that killed both a driver and a passenger. A pedestrian died in Berlin at milepoint 18.4.

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Do you agree with these rankings? Are there roads that you travel that you consider dangerous? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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