Nordstrom's $425 mud covered jeans are circulating everywhere. Instead I've created a list of what you could do/buy with that $425 in South Jersey.

First, let's take a second and check out these jeans Nordstrom is really trying to sell us:

They must have lost their minds! $425?! For jeans that I could do myself after a hard day's work outside? Yeah, no.

Here's what $425 in South Jersey could get you instead:

  • 106 packs of Taylor Ham pork roll
  • 85 Wawa Hoagies 
  • Fill up your gas tank 17 TIMES
  • 28 Hermit Crabs from Cape May
  • 28 boxes of Tripician Macaroons in Absecon
  • 17 tickets to Storybook Land
  • 32 Salt Water Taffy Gift Boxes
  • 15 tickets to Camden's Adventure Aquarium
  • See Lucy the Elephant 53 TIMES
  • Ride the Cape May Lewes Ferry 42 TIMES
  • Go to the Cowtown Rodeo 21 TIMES

Can you add more to this list versus paying $425 for Nordstrom's fake mud jeans? Let's keep this going!

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