If you've spent any time on Tik Tok, you must have heard the song "Yellow Hearts".



What you may not know is that the singer behind "Yellow Hearts" is an 18-year old named Ant Saunders who is from the South Jersey town of Woodbury Heights.  (For those who don't know, Woodbury Heights is near Deptford).

Credit: Google

According to celebmix.com, Saunders was born in Germany while his parents were stationed there in the military.  The family ended up back in the U.S. and settling in Woodbury Heights.

Credit: YouTube/Ant Saunders

Celebmix.com says that the South Jersey town is featured in the music video for "Yellow Hearts".

The viral success of "Yellow Hearts" lead to Saunders being signed to Arista Records.  In an interview, Saunders told idolator.com that he "never imagined getting signed to a major label so fast." 

"Yellow Hearts" has become so popular that it's even been covered by another famous singer from New Jersey --- Charlie Puth.