This South Jersey Shore town has been listed as one of the best 11 beach towns during the offseason.

And this shore town is...Cape May!

No surprise that the summer hotspot destination for tourists is also on the list for offseason as well. This list was created by Mic and Hipmunk, searching for the best beaches to visit as the weather gets cooler.

Especially since prices drop off after Labor Day, you'll save even more money. Another added bonus: the summer influx of people will have all disappeared, so you'll be able to enjoy even more!

According to Hipmunk, prices at Cape May drop at 51% discount, meaning you can get a rental for as low as $203. Pretty sweet!

Additionally, you can take a tour of Beach Plum Farm, the Washington Street Mall, eat at Freda's Cafe, visit Cape May Lighthouse, and stop by Cape May Winery.

Just imagine being able to roam around without the crowds, AND not hurting your pocket. Check out the full list of beach towns on

P.S. Asbury Park, NJ also made the list!

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