On a day that I planned on taking a walk on the beach, I found myself glued to the TV.  Like yourself, I watched in horror as the events unfolded at the Boston Marathon.  I could only imagine what it was like for the runners who witnessed this in person.

South Jersey residents have been impacted by the Boston explosions.  According to NBC 40, Peggy Jewitt of Margate was one of the runners of the race.  Her son A.J. was there to take to her to a barricade and keep her safe.


According to the Courier-Post, former Voorhees resident Mark Kohler ran the Boston Marathon for the third time, and managed to cross the finish line just 86 minutes before the explosions.  He was having lunch just 10 minutes away from the explosions and managed to take pictures.  He said, 'You look at the pictures now and say, ‘I was just there.


Fortunately, neither of these South Jersey residents, nor their friends and family that attended the marathon, were injured during the explosion.


Did you know someone that participated in the marathon, and witnessed the tragedy yesterday?  Feel free to comment below.







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