A mega vaccination site for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine has been launched in South Jersey as the vaccine rollout continues in the Garden State.

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According to 6 ABC, phase 1b got underway Friday at Rowan College of South Jersey in Deptford Township. Phase 1b would include people over 75, first responders, police, firefighters, educators, postal, grocery and daycare workers, food and agriculture, public transit and correction officers. You must pre register. The goal is to vaccinate up to 2,400 people a day in the near future.

Two other mega sites for the vaccine in South Jersey are set for the Atlantic City Convention Center and the Moorestown Mall. The Convention Center should be up an running to distribute the vaccine sometime in mid-January through June 2021 according to Philly Voice.

Next up would be the 1c category and that would include those between 16 and 64 with high risk conditions and those between 65 and 75. The next phase of essential workers include transportation workers, food service, IT, construction, communication, energy, legal and waste and media.

There is also a website set up from the state to pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to NPR.org, Phase 1b will start to roll out in January and those in group 1c should begin receiving their shots sometime in February.

The goal is to have 70% of all New Jersey adults vaccinated by June of 2021 and the  vaccine available to everyone by April or May.


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