It was a last ditch effort to save what little was left....



Words cannot describe the devastation that took place yesterday afternoon along the Seaside Boardwalk.  While 80 percent of the boardwalk is destroyed, fire fighters brilliantly kept the fire from spreading even more.


According to NBC 10, 'Crews cut a 20-foot wide trench along the the boardwalk at Ocean and Lincoln Avenues.  Flames did move over the first trench forcing firefighters to head to the Lincoln Ave. trench.  It was there that they were able to contain the blaze.


The brave civil workers also sawed off the portion of the boardwalk that was already on fire, to keep the remaining boardwalk from being destroyed.


While it may not be spreading, as of this morning (6:15am), firefighters are still trying to put out the blaze.


There are no major injuries reported at this time, but getting a first look at the devastation in the daylight this morning, is hard enough.


May we all come together again, and show everyone what Jersey is made of!





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