A South Jersey crossing guard was arrested Wednesday morning for allegedly macing the man she believes sold heroin to her family member.

According to Amy Stanley, this man is the neighborhood drug dealer responsible for her family member's unfortunate overdose.

The story goes, she was driving around on Wednesday and spotted the man walking in the street. She pulled up to him, and asked for his name. Reportedly, he tried to reach over to the passenger side where her handbag was, intimidating her.

Since she felt threatened, Amy sprayed him with mace.

But Pennsville Police say otherwise...

The man told police, Amy reached out to him first pretending she was going to shake his hand. Instead, she maced him.

Until the family member recovers and identifies the man as the one responsible, police aren't able to base everything on Amy's accusations.

Amy is facing aggravated-assault and weapon possession charges in addition to suspension without pay from her job. She also has every intention of fighting these charges.

On NBC10, Amy acknowledges this wasn't the way to handle it, and mentions she's never had a run-in with the law before.

Read the full story in detail on NBC10 Philadelphia.

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