The cat was discovered over the weekend in a local landfill.

Writing this story, I feel like I could burst into tears at any moment. My own cat is such a pampered, babied animal. I can't imagine ANYONE shooting a cat for sport or for fun or out of sheer boredom, and thrown away like garbage.

But it seems that's exactly what happened to one unfortunate feline in Cedarville, Cumberland County. The cat was found by the New Jersey Freedom Farm Animal Rescue, according to There's no word if the group made the discovery themselves, or if they were tipped off to the cat presence by someone at the landfill.

An x-ray of the cat, now called Grace, showed a BB gun pellet lodged in the cat's head, which the rescuers say can't be removed.

But those weren't Grace's only injuries. On their Facebook page, Freedom Farm writes, "This cat appeared to have a broken front leg/paw. Her leg was dangling under her as she ran around the inside of the dumpster trying to get out. Her back feet were bloody and her claws were all split and broken from trying to free herself from the dumpster for who knows how long."

But, thankfully, she's ALIVE! And recovering!

Personally, I hope whoever inflicted this pain onto Grace, whoever left her to die a slow, and painful death, is ashamed of what they did, but I doubt it. It's just absolutely HEARTLESS and unspeakably cruel.

If you'd like to aid in Grace's recovery, click here.

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