The saying goes, 'buyer beware'. Well, in this case, it's 'seller beware'.

A Cinnaminson woman listed her 2002 Hyundai for sale on Craigslist. She found a buyer who paid her $1,000 in cash when they met up on September 30th. It wasn't until Kimmy Caruso-Wolbert went to the bank to deposit the money that she realized she had been scammed. All of the bills were counterfeit.

She told that she handed the car over, with its keys and title, and the transaction was complete, with no misgivings.

Cinnaminson Police are searching for the vehicle with the hopes it will lead them to thieves, who may very well have tried to pull this scam on other unsuspecting sellers.

There is reportedly also an 'exchange zone' setup at the police station where sellers can feel safer meeting with buyers and vice versa.


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