Thanks to these two South Jersey brothers, Atlantic City is getting its first ever (legal) distillery.

The Little Water Distillery, created by Eric and Mark Ganter, is expected to launch its whisky, WHITECAP, on December 15th. Best part is not only are we able to find this whisky on local shelves, we should also be expecting Atlantic City-made rum soon!

Although Route 40 mentions they aren't the first to produce spirits in AC, the Ganter brothers are the first to do it with federal and state licenses.

The distillery is right on Lexington Ave between Delaware and Maryland Aves, where you can get a tour of the place as well as tastings!

Watch Route 40's interview with Mark and Eric below:

And don't forget to read Route 40's coverage of the new distillery! Mike and I will be making a field trip there soon, guarantee it.

Source: Route 40


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