Craft beer and micro breweries in South Jersey have exploded in number over the past couple of years, and MORE are being added almost every month!

Some of the best beer you can get anywhere, is brewed right here in South Jersey. Trust me, I've had beer from all over the world, and we have people with day jobs, making some of the best beer I've had.



Stop by one of your nearest South Jersey breweries and you will see people of all (legal) ages, genders and backgrounds. Beer lovers are universal, and that's what you see when you check out your local brewery.

Obviously if you are reading this, you are interested in local beer. That is why I created the "MIKE LIKES BEER - 2 MINUTE BREW REVIEW" video series where I try some of the local stuff and tell you about it!

Check it out some of the which there were A LOT.



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