We had an important 15-minute on-air conversation with Gregory Gregory, this morning, Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Gregory’s Restaurant and Bar in Somers Point, New Jersey coined the catchphrase, “Taco Tuesday” in 1979.

It caught on very quickly and Gregory had “Taco Tuesday” legally trademarked for business use.

Since that evening in 1979, Gregory’s has sold more than 2 million tacos and counting.

In 1982, the United States Patent Office granted Gregory’s the service trademark for “TacoTuesday.”

Now, seemingly out of nowhere in the year 2023, the taco behemoth of them all, Taco Bell came out swinging and wants in on the “Taco Tuesday” slogan.

While not official, as it appears to stand now … they’re probably going to get their way.

While certainly not throwing in the towel, Gregory Gregory acknowledged on-air that the realities of staring down a very large company and the potential mounting legal expenses, etc. may be insurmountable.

Gregory has protected his trademark, while still being very neighborly over the years.

When local competitors started using this phrase after witnessing Gregory’s success … Gregory never took any of them to court.

I have known Gregory for more than 40 years … this is his nature and it’s his good character.

Ironically, had Gregory taken his local competitors to court, it would have bolstered the current case against Taco Bell.

Gregory is even facing NBA great LeBron James … who is on Taco Bell’s side.

Gregory calls it “David versus Goliath.” He’s right about that.

Imagine being Gregory Gregory and you coined a winning catchphrase more than 40 years ago. You now find yourself going up against a worldwide company with more than 7,000 restaurants.

Gregory realizes the magnitude of his opposition and appears about ready to resign to the fact that it’s not a battle worth waging.

Gregory mentioned that he’s filing for an extension in the current legal battle … so, he’s not ready to give Taco Bell what they want just yet.

If Taco Bell gets its way, it will give everyone the opportunity to use the phrase “Taco Tuesday.”

Just because you’re a “Giant” doesn’t mean that you always get your way.

I proudly stand with my friend Gregory Gregory regarding this issue.

Stay tuned, this is not yet over.

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